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Bari Fischer ADHD and Executive Function Coach



1. One who inspires dreams. And motivates you to achieve them.

2. A person who builds your character and potential through belief and encouragement.

3. Someone who touches your life forever.

Meet Bari

Welcome to Impulsively Aware, the place where ADHD and Executive Function Coaching come together for a dynamic journey amidst life’s chaos.
Hi, I’m Bari. A born and bred New Yorker with you got it, ADHD. On one hand my ADHD is made for this city.  It is a fast paced, constant influx of stimuli, easy to get distracted, organized chaos kind of place. It can be both challenging and invigorating. I am both a typical New Yorker and a typical ADHD-er. I am a sarcastic, funny, bold, kick-ass kind of woman but at the same time I am compassionate, empathetic and a great listener. My mission? Empower individuals to conquer overwhelm and create a life filled with focus, organization, and undeniable success.

My journey spans a BA in early childhood development, a duo of MS degrees in Elementary Education and Special Ed, and over a decade in the NYC public school system. Executive Function Disorder (EFD) and ADHD became my sidekicks, and I became their superhero in the classroom. Enter coach training, where I had an epiphany – everything felt like déjà vu. Intense emotions? Check. Procrastination Olympics? Absolutely. Wondering why I couldn’t muster the motivation for mundane tasks? Bingo. Seeking a diagnosis at the age of 50, I confirmed what I'd secretly suspected: ADHD was my lifelong companion. Suddenly, all of my decades long struggles made sense. Applying the very strategies I shared with clients, I began a journey of self-discovery and success. Now, let's talk family – my everything. Raising my two kids in the hustle and bustle of NYC was like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle. Both kiddos got the ADHD badge, but they wear it differently. My daughter’s diagnosis came a decade after my son's, leaving me questioning my observational skills. The lesson? ADHD is a master of disguise. Inspired by this adventure, I delved deep into understanding the quirks of a neuro-diverse brain, eventually evolving into the ADHD and Executive Function Coach you see today. As your ADHD Coach, I’m here to light up your path with compassionate sarcasm, unwavering support, and an action-packed approach. Together, we'll tackle challenges, unveil your strengths, and rediscover joy. Believe this: everyone holds the power to reach their goals and savor a life of fulfillment. I'll be the cheerleader, urging you to kick down those self-imposed barriers and embrace living. Armed with knowledge and experience, I'm rewriting stories, one client at a time. Ready to flip the script? Reach out today and let’s make possibilities your new reality.

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I Believe in The Value of...

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Healthy eating

Healthy Eating

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet can help manage symptoms of ADHD and improve cognitive function, concentration, and mood.

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep

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Getting restful sleep is crucial for people with ADHD as it can help improve regulating emotions, reducing impulsivity, improving memory consolidation, and enhancing overall physical health



Regular physical movement can be beneficial with people who have ADHD as it can help with reducing hyperactivity, improving sleep quality, increasing motivation, and promoting overall physical health.

Having a supportive community can be incredibly valuable for individuals with ADHD, providing emotional support, resources, and a sense of belonging.





Practicing mindfulness can help individuals with ADHD cultivate greater self-awareness, emotional regulation, and cognitive control, leading to improved attention and overall well-being.



Maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy habits, regular exercise, meaningful social connections, and stress-management techniques can be highly beneficial for individuals with ADHD, promoting overall well-being and reducing symptoms.


Professional Experience

  • Impulsively Aware.LLC, Certified ADHD and Executive Function Coach

  • Happy Hour 4 Kids, Special Education Teacher

  • PS-41 Greenwich Village School, General Education Teacher

  • Park Avenue Day School, General Education Teacher


  • ADDCA, ADD Coach Academy, AACC Certified Coach

  • City College, New York, NY, M.Sp.Ed.

  • Long Island University, C.W. Post College, M.Ed. College

  • SUNY - University at Buffalo, B.A.

ADHD & Coaching Associations


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